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Our service delivery covers the full HR spectrum ensuring that unique business needs are met. With our clients’ business needs being our priority, we ensure to continuously optimize business operations, providing and effectively managing the best talent to support growth.

Recruitment and Selection

Our recruitment strategies are flexible and tailor made, designed to accommodate the preferences of the businesses, and the dynamic global workforce. From midlevel to top executives, Tech, and non-tech experts, strategic, sales, or administrative roles, our sourcing techniques are designed to meet the specific industry, level, or function of the business-specific needs. As the needs arise, the sourcing strategies are devised to suit them. We boast of a robust database of experienced and suitable talents for ready to fill positions, with headhunting, or other strategic hire methods covering, otherwise.

Talent recruitment process (for one off recruitment and staff placement)

  • Summary/description of key job details
  • Acknowledgement of engagement correspondence
  • Sourcing, interviews and recommendations
  • Offer negotiations and agreement
  • Acceptance and placement
  • Talent management

Staff Placement & Outsourcing

We provide in-house experienced and seasoned professionals to administer HR-related objectives on behalf of businesses, allowing it to focus more on growth-related objectives, with productivity and efficiency as the goal.
Our ARC outsourced employee will project and protect the company brands, taking ownership and responsibility of all people management processes including:
-Recruitment & Onboarding
-Full cycle talent Management

HR Structure & Policy Development

Organizational structures and HR policies help define hierarchy, chains and authority and provide consistency in employment and workforce matters. Our tailor-made policies help the employees understand the hierarchy in the business, and the policies guide their daily activities. Both as a one off or otherwise, we develop, review and optimize HR policies to ensure compliance and business support.

Performance Management & Improvement Planning

A misalignment of organizational and individual strategies directly impacts business direction and growth. We provide the framework, structures and defined processes for staff performance and productivity management covering the 5 performance management processes, and ensuring business leaders are well equipped towards achieving the global objectives. Our strategies are designed to include Performance metrics review, succession planning, competency framework, among others.

Human Capacity Audit & Operational Review

Allow our expert team shoulder the responsibility to ensure that people, processes and strategies of the business align. Our approach to human capacity audit and operating procedure review is designed to meet business needs in relation to the following:

– Operational efficiency analyses

– Skill matrix assessment

– Employee engagement survey

– Training needs analyses 

Payroll Management

Payroll management is essential in the life of both the business and the employees. We take pride in delivering expert outsourced payroll management services. With expert partners in Foreign Exchange Accounting, our services cover both local and international businesses, ensuring accurate and efficient payroll administration, and allowing the clients focus on the core of the business.

Exit Management

Our offered services for exit management include:

  • Review of Exit option
  • Exit survey
  • Exit process and documentation management
  • Exit interview
  • Handover management
  • Replacement planning

Aptitude and Psychometric Assessment

In addition to avoiding the setbacks of recruitment error, a major strength of ours is ensuring candidates and employees are culturally fit for the organizations. These tests will help identify and analyze the competencies, abilities and skills the business needs, beyond what information are provided by the candidates.
We include as part of our strategic solutions offerings, these psychometric tests that are designed to properly inform decision making in recruitment. The tests include:

  • Personality and Aptitude tests (The Big5, Professional profile, ETIX)
  • Management and Sales
  • Interests and Motivations
  • Aptitude and Reasoning
  • Emotions/motivation tests

Abelia Resource Consulting is a bespoke Human Resources Consulting firm, delivering strategic HR services and general business solutions, to corporate and individual entities in diverse sectors and around the globe.

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